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PDF Şirket Sunumu Kanopi 6 from Hız Group of Companies counters all the needs of nearly 2000 fuel stations.


Hız Yayımcılık A.Ş
Hız Publishing has devoted years to the education of students, prepared thousands of students for exams with expertise that has accumulated with the experience of years, and become one of the leading publications in Turkey. Prepared with an original and innovative perspective, it has become one of the most trusted publishing houses in the education market for teachers, students and parents, with the motto "The Future comes With Hız". The publishing house has also pioneered many innovations in the education sector with its smart board, video solution and many other digital platforms. Hız Publishing continues its activities in the field of education without pause. Close >
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Speed Up Publishing A.Ş.
Speed Up Publishing, which offers supplementary resource books in the English branch for the use of students and teachers from primary school to secondary school, was established in 2018 with the initiative of Hız Group. The publishing house aims to facilitate English learning with its mobile applications where smart board, mobile optical reading and video solutions of questions can be watched. In addition, karaoke videos made with templates containing the achievements of the relevant lesson units have been made available on Youtube to enable students from 2nd to 8th grade to practice their English lessons. Close >
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Uzman Yayımcılık A.Ş.
The company was established in January 2020 with the initiative of HIZ GROUP. 9-10-11th grade publications are available in the high school group although TYT-AYT material is dominant. Uzman Broadcasting TV features course videos in parallel with the books on YouTube which is commensurate with the privilege of private lessons to the students. The contents of 1,591 videos are available to 15 thousand students who are current subscribers along with guidance content on Youtube, which was established in August 2020. In addition to mobile applications where smart boards, video solutions to questions dealing with mobile optical readings can be watched, the Smart Classroom website, where products can be examined in detail with access to all printed and digital materials, and a Supper Consultant website and mobile application that determines the shortcomings of students and gives advice in integration with the relevant reference books is available. Close >
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Derslig A.Ş.
This is a new generation "Smart Education Platform" that brings together all the parties of education in the digital environment and includes hundreds of schools, hundreds of thousands of teachers and students. Derslig Pro, the charged version of the Derslig brand, is taking firm steps in becoming an indispensable education platform for all parties of education by offering more comprehensive and many different features to the service of students, teachers and parents, with more than 3000 interactive content, more than 500 animated and interactive lecture videos, gamified teaching and smart feedback mechanisms Close >
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Ledugo A.Ş.
Ledugo produces innovative, fast solutions for your needs. We have developed mobile and smart board applications in line with the needs of institutions, teachers and students. We have E-commerce sites where you can sell wholesale (closed circuit - B2B) or retail. We offer solutions and services in all subjects to develop online exam platforms where you can apply your online tests, scholarship exams and get detailed reports. Close >
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Beş Yıldız EK A.Ş
The branches of the 5 Star Course Center offer a strong academic program that is established with consideration for the individual differences of the students. The curriculum of this strong academic program, which is constantly adapted by the teachers according to individual differences of the students to improve their analytical and critical thinking skills, enables students to prepare comprehensively for both university and high school entrance exams, and focus more on success in school lessons. The doors to 5 Star education are opened with the 5 Star Course Center Close >
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Hız Inşaat A.Ş.
Hız Construction Inc. was founded in 2021 by Bülent Bahadır and İbrahim Sakallıoğlu, the founder of Hız Publications, the leading brand in the publishing industry. As a reliable real estate developer, Hız Construction aims to deliver innovations and quality to our customers in the best way and under the best conditions. The company aims to produce projects with maximum comfort standards that follow technology without sacrificing quality Close >
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Cedrus Global Dış Ticaret A.Ş
Cedrus Global Trade set off with the vision of producing solutions for the export needs of its customers, realizing commercial actions with confidence and great sensitivity, and providing the most attentive and diligent service. The company evaluates the line, time and the most accurate price for our customers' import and export loads. Our aim is to provide the best service for our valued customers with our competent and expert team in the field. Close >
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